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Spain, Tenerife

Dinghy Sailing Basics Tenerife


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Dinghy Sailing Basics Tenerife

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Starts at: Thursday 09:00

Ends at: Sunday 16:00

Experienced instructors

Sailing in sunny Tenerife

Qualify for Sailing Certificate 1


Age: 18+

Week: 25, 26, 27

Duration: 4 days


No prerequisites, this is a basic course. However, participants must be able to swim 200 meters in open water.


Tenerife, Spain


Course book “The basics of sailing” included


The instructors are Swedish and English speaking.


You learn to sail with dinghies, the foundation of all sailing. We learn basics in navigation, give-way, rigging, etc.

– Basics of sailing, sailing in different directions
– Basics of sailing, go higher and lower
– Basics of sailing, tacks and gybes, windeye
– Winds, wind forces, read winds
– Read weather, interpret a forecast
– Terms of sailing
– Seafare and safety, man-over-board (man-over-board not on dinghy courses)
– Knots
– Throw ropes
– Give-way rules
– Rigging
– Sail care
– Navigation light
– Boat handling, maneuvering and docking, anchorage (anchorage not dinghy)
– Trim of the boat and sail, the bow of the sail, cunningham, outhaul, kick, rigging tension, balance in the boat
– Practice in sailing. For dinghy courses we practice capsizing


What does the course entail?

  • Sailing in sunny Tenerife, Spain’s most beautiful island
  • Theoretical support is provided on board
  • We are back in the harbor every evening
  • After we arrive, together we get the board ready for the next day
  • No evening program
  • We sail on 4 consecutive days from 9 am to 4 pm

Please bring

  • Sufficient warm and waterproof clothing
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimwear
  • Lunch


  • Materials and boat
  • Instructor
  • Documentation
  • Snacks

Niet inbegrepen

  • Lunch
  • Accommodation