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Netherlands, Leiden

Sailing Camp Summer Week Kagerplassen 10-12yr

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Zomerweek Zeilkamp Kagerplassen

Zeilschool De Eendracht -

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Age: 11-12

Week: Sailing camp for children aged 11-12yrs (camps for 10-18yr available)

Duration: Jul 25 - Aug 21 - select the right week during booking

  • No prior experience is required
  • Sailing on the Kagerplassen
  • CWO certified courses
  • Instructors adapt to the students on board
  • Unique location! We exist for 5 summer weeks, on a meadow with a farmer. Away from everything, except socializing with your (new) friends and sailing!
  • Sailing is possible at all levels – indicate the desired level when booking:
  • CWO 1 (principles of sailing, with calm weather)
  • CWO 2 (basic skills and maneuvers, even with a bit more wind)
  • CWO 3 (goal: being able to sail independently up to wind force 6)
  • Beginning Advanced (advanced maneuvers, for sailors who can sail independently)
  • Advanced (total control of the boat, including cool maneuvers)
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  • Daytime sailing course
  • Then enjoy a meal together and then:
  • Fun activities ashore in the evening: Ranging from a game of football to to true stage performances, painting flags for the boat, and of course our famous assault course!
  • New and more fun games are organized every year
  • Everything you’d need personally for a week of camp (clothing, toiletries, etc)
  • A packing list follows after booking
  • Food and drinks
  • Everything you need for sailing
  • Everything you need for the activities
  • Your stay overnight