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Sailing in Europe in 2021 – COVID restrictions and guidelines for Europe and England

April 4, 2021

James Turin

Editor @ SailEasy

Many countries are still open for sailing but make sure to take into account travel restriction that are in place between you home country and your sailing destination

The COVID-19 crisis has created a lot of uncertainty around the world. After fast and generic restrictions on all activities, many European governments have started to allow sailing again. We set out to create an overview to help you navigate the world of sailing and sailing courses in 2021. Please note that this overview only relates to local sailing regulations, and is not about the travel restrictions between countries. We ask you to always be responsible and take note of and follow your home country’s rules and guidelines. Please find our overview below.

covid travel restrictions on several european countries, an overview to determine whether you can go sailing in 2021

In addition, there can be restrictions to cruising in general, with a chartered boat or your own vessel. We created an overview of the status per country below. “Closed” means you should not sail. “Restrictions” means sever restrictions to your freedom of movement. For more detailed information, please go to the websites of the relevant national governments.

this map shows where there are travel restrictions and their severity in order to determine where you can go sailing in 2021

We have listed the courses that will take place below. If circumstances change, the majority of schools offer to reschedule your course without additional costs, or a refund. Our team checks with the sailing schools before confirming your booking. If you have any questions, please send us an email at We are here to help!

7-Day Intensive beginners course
Beginners catamaran course
2-day summer course
2-day skipper course
6-day crewing couse
6-day flotilla + course
6-day learn to sail a bareboat charter
Large yacht sailing basics
RYA competent crew
RYA day skipper
RYA coastal skipper
RYA private yacht training
RYA yacht master
RYA offshore cruise to Italy
RYA day skipper ladies only

Hellenic sailing federation level 1 beginners course
Hellenic sailing federation level 2 course

Dinghy sailing basics Tenerife